Time to bring out the buggle and toot the ole’ horn a bit.  My layouts were featured in Scrapbooking.com’s newsletter:


Also found that two of my Marvy ads with my work were in Scrapbooks, Etc. this month and last month.  That is so cool  Megan was in one of the ads so I made sure to send her a magazine.  I also got back to my desk last night and made a present for a friend of mine (cannot share until I give it in case she peeks here).  I was happy with the outcome.  I have a few deadlines before I leave next week so that should force me to be creative. 

Tomorrow I take Tyler to Six Flags Magic Mountain.  I don’t even like roller coasters but I am taking him with some friends.  He earned free tickets for a reading program at school so that is the least I can do is take him.  The things we do for our kids.  So think of me tomorrow standing in lines in the heat for a ride I don’t even want to be on.  I hope he remembers these trips when I am old and pushing around my tennis ball walker!