Twilight-book-cover So my friend passed on that book Twilight to me and I decided to give it a go since I love a good vampire story and oh boy do I love it.  I started it last night and got halfway through it.  I called Victoria this morning (we are like two teenage girls) and she was already into the second book.  I told her I would run out and get book three so we could keep the momentum going.  We are both totally addicted and are acting like crazy teenagers.  Her husband was even rolling his eyes at us.  I cannot wait to go see the movie! 

So remember when I wrote yesterday that we had our first sport-free weekend?  That feeling was short-lived as early this morning I got Ty's basketball practice schedule.  Looks like our time off will be short and sweet! 

So stay tuned for some projects.  Believe it or not, in between turning the pages of that fascinating page I have actually worked on some stuff!