If I could bottle part of my Staycation and put a word to it, it would be Paradise…my kind of paradise.  It was a day that included some of my favorite things:  a 6 mile walk, a mimosa, relaxation by the water, music, art and great friends.  Monday started with a tea and yummy scone from a local cafe, a view of America's Finest City, 6 mile scenic walk, a poolside mimosa, and that was only the morning!  This was a Staycation day in my own City, Coronado which I love…

Tracy Staycation 2013 - Paradise

Tracy Staycation 2013 - Paradise

Tracy Staycation 2013 - Paradise

Tracy Staycation 2013 - Paradise


My favorite view….



Then it was time to get dressed up and hit Vigilucci's for Marilyn's piano playing….



What a true gift this was as she had a beautiful violin accompanist who is another friend's daughter and a singer who was AMAZING! Truly the night was beautiful from start to finish!



Marilyn just exudes a spirit you want to be around.  Her smile is contageous, she is talented, interesting and all around beautiful.  She was the reason that so many people were in one room and one reason we were all together:  Paula, Jacqueline, and myself:



Sorry my video is not the best but just some of the singing we heard…just gives you a taste of it.  There were tears in all our eyes at the conclusion.


So wonderful to be with Paula, hear the beautiful music and take in such a wonderful day.  We capped off that evening with wine on the balcony and taking in the City lights….



even Bernie got in on the star gazing…



Thanks to my friend Jacqueline for spending this time with me.  Thanks to Marily and Dave for their hospitality and slumber party fun.  I look forward to the next visit!

"One day, many moons from now, you will find yourself close to the end, and thinking about the beginning. TODAY is that beginning.  TODAY is life.  You’ve got to live it.  Live for what’s right.  Live for what you believe in.  Live for what’s important to you.  Live for the people you love, and never forget to tell them how much they mean to you.  Realize that today you’re lucky because you still have a chance.  So stop for a moment and think.  Whatever you still need to do, start doing it now.  There are only so many todays left."