I am finally in the office and taking care of business (I would rather be in the studio with a paint brush in my hand!).  I have finally updated my Etsy store!

I have sold two pieces in the last week and that prompted me to up-date my Etsy store!  Always kind of exciting to ship out a new piece….and find a good home/wall to see it go to (I have hanging commitment phobia and cannot seem to make a commitment on where to hang my work or photographs on the wall…..it's TRUE!)! 

Twstudios_etsyI have been so busy working on new projects that I have not taken the time to do this and am happy it is done and up-dated.  All current pieces for sale are listed and will be at my next Art Walk on June 3rd!


So many things to paint and so little time!  Also I have so many of your pages to share which I am behind on.  I love writing in my blog but need someone to come help me keep up!  Oh what a dream that would be to have someone here writing down my thoughts and keeping track of me.  For now I am just happy that the twStudios Etsy Store is up-dated with so much more to come!  Thanks for stopping by.

Paint on everyone……..


"What is life for?  It is for you." ~Abraham Maslow