2011 is quickly coming to a close.  On January 2, 2011 I posted my word for the year HERE

"Trust myself and be open to it from others…..just a reminder to trust my; choices, career, strengths, creativity, etc.." 

Never did I imagine what an impact that word would take in 2011.  I have always thought you need to put your trust in others and this year I learned to trust the one person I had never invested in before………ME. 

Christmas 2011-1961-PS

Creatively – I trusted myself to put myself out there and share.  Go LIVE on Ustream, teach classes, travel and post my art with no agenda other than to share.  I trusted that in some small way I have something to contribute to the art world.  I have me and there are so many out there as passionate as I am.

Personally – I invested in my friends and was first and foremost was a good friend.  What I got back was something I never imagined………..deep, true friendships.  Girlfriends who at the drop of a hat joined me for Taco Tuesdays, inpromtu dinners and Happy Hours that left us laughing until tears were running down our faces…….opened doors for those in tears on my doorstep, gave a hug when I could tell they could not ask but were in great need, carpooled kiddos with no expectation of a return favor (always that was returned to me) and picked up sick kiddos that I did not even give birth to. 

Parenting - As the motto goes "Mom knows best" and I did not let anyone deter me from that.  Even if I was not winning the popularity contest and was second guessing myself I followed my gut and trusted that no matter what the well being of my kids comes foremost.  Even when it is not convenient, they have attitudes, drive me nuts or just plain wear me out I am their Mother and I do know best and no one loves like a Mother does.  I know that from a Mom who loves me deeply.

Professionally – I trusted myself to put myself out there……work hard, travel, try new things and put on my boss hat when needed, my business one, my compassionate hat and was willing to go that extra mile.  Years of working in an industry I love has given me a voice.  This voice has only started to be heard.

Christmas 2011-1957-PS"Thank you to my amazing friend and am inspiring photographer, Kelly of www.lotofoto.com for the photos!!"

My word for 2012 has yet to be selected but I do know that 2011 gave me the best gift of all…..TRUST in me!  I hope you start thinking of your word for 2012 and share with me!


"Because believing that the dots will connect downt he road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path." ~Steve Jobs