Tracy travels with art supplies? Really? We are so surprised. NOT!!  The Koi Water brushes are one of the single most important items to making traveling with watercolors possible.  The guy sitting next to you on the plane is NOT going to like it if you pull out a spray bottle to wet your paints. If you try and just stick a paint brush in a water bottle, you may end up with a wet lap.  This all-in-one brush is perfect:


This self-moistening art brush puts a water reservoir at your fingertips. Fine flexible nylon fibers produce fine lines or bold strokes depending on the amount of pressure applied and the transparent barrel allows you to clearly see the water level.


These brushes are perfect when you don’t have a traditional studio desk to paint on. Do you like to paint in front of the TV? Or how about outside enjoying some sunshine?


Or are you like Tracy and paint in bed?

These brushes are perfect for all those instances. Check out what Tracy has to say about them HERE:

Tracy Weinzapfel Studios Shop sells both the Koi Water Brushes Round #6 and Round #8 water brushes HERE.

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