COMING SOON!!!!  Quick tips and tricks with demo videos of some of Tracy’s favorite techniques and products.

Have you ever wanted more info about Tracy’s White Uniball pens? Or how about how to get the amazing depth Tracy gets with her LOVE the 3B charcoal pencil? Are there products you want to see used?  Gesso, love it or hate it?  Want to know how to use it?  Tracy may even add some videos of how NOT to use certain products.  Learn from her boo boos which in some cases worked!

Stay tuned for a BRAND NEW feature here at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios. Tracy will periodically be uploading different mini videos sharing techniques using some of her all time favorite items. All videos will be very short and referenced on her blog, youtube channel, store, and facebook page. It will make it a great easy way for everyone to share with their friends.