It was a big day of TV in our house.  I flipped on DIY Inside:  The Craft & Hobby Show 2007 where they featured some of my work with the Fruzzle Company.  They featured the Egg shape I made of Michaela in the preview.  Then they showed the Turtle and Leaf projects.  Very Cool!

Then at 11:30 PM the local news aired the segment on our fitness class.  GymnasticsMy friend and trainer, Victoria was great. Her interview was fab and the segments of the class they showed was perfect. They had a snippet of my interview and that was rough to rough but was my two-minutes of fame. I think that does it for me.  I prefer my work to be aired. 

Speaking of my work…Yes, I finally got somethings done.  I managed to get this layout done of Signs_of_summerMichaela and Tess in Gymnastics.  Then last night I completed a Summer Project for the Helmar June Newsletter.  And last but not least I completed this layout using the picture of Shelly and I that I love from Saturday night.  We are always laughing so I thought this was the perfect picture of us. My_friend

Today I also made a trip back to the scrapbook store because Shelly and I won door prizes!  Sorry Colleen but if it makes you feel better I am giving you most of my prize.  I am sharing my luck with you! 

Lots to tackle tonight including completing a pizza order for 50 people for Wednesday.  Our baseball team is going to tailgate after our game.  I thought that would be fun for the families and everyone is staying so that should be fun for the boys.  Today all three kids let me know they want to be signed up for soccer……….good grief!