These are the days as a mom you squeeze them tight and wish they would stay young forever ………these three have to be the sweetest and they rocked it for Twin Day in their completely matching outfits and hair!

The Three M's…….MacKenzie, Meryl and Michaela. 


It is times like these as a mom I just hug them and hope they know how honored I am to be there to share this fun with them.  Thanks Christine for getting all the outfits!  Let's keep them young for as long as we can!

"Life is a choir made up of many voices, including your own.  Join in and sing your part.  Let the harmony ring.  It may sound silly to you now, but sometimes all you need in life is for someone to sing beside you.  One day you’re going to look back on smiles and songs you shared with others and smile and sing some more.  Sometimes it happens when you reach out and help someone sing their verse, and other times it’s allowing another to reach out and help you sing yours."