For some time I have been wanting a stand up station in my studio where I can paint and with a trip to Ikea I found the perfect one!  I was beyond thrilled to get it in my studio and fill up those 12 new drawers!

But as the saying goes it is "out with the old and in with the new" so I took the weekend to purge and clean things up.  My goal was for nothing to be on the floor!  I am fortunate in that I have worked with a lot of great companies and those items needed to go to good crafty homes and one I got started it was a lot of fun!  Boxes were filled and shipped out (a few items left so check out HERE).  Everything is new or like New!  It felt so great to clean my haven.  This really is my happy place and when I have clutter in my life I feel that clutter within……….I believe that my studio should always be an open space that inspires me to create.  I now once again have that space and am excited to share it with you!


A complete tour of Photos can be seen HERE.  Just a few of my favorite things: 

Everything has a place…

A place to display my latest work…


Did I mention everything had a place…

My mantra that is there to remind me every day…..


and just how good it feels to be in there…..


Yep…….it is a true labor of love and passion for me.  Now bring on the creativity!  I am sure to have lot of mojo in there and cannot wait to be on LIVE Helmar Ustream where there will be an even better vantage point to craft with you all!

Your happy place may not be a large office but a closet, a dining room table, garage….living room but the important thing is to have that place.  I am happy I could share mine with you and the studio doors are always open…


"Art washes from the Soul the dust of every day Life" ~Unknown