I had to take off my Nurse’s hat on Sunday and put on my Campaign Manager hat for Tyler.  He is running for Vice President of Student Council and needed posters, flyer’s and t-shirts.  So with our creative minds we came up with some fun ideas:_twb0558 _twb0554
091508_ty_2 Gook Luck Tyler!

I decided to take a break from campaign headquarters/infirmary and decided to take a hike.  I realized part way up that hiking in the mid day is a huge mistake.  It became a bigger mistake when a wasp stung me.  This darn thing stung me on my rear!  Yep, he flew right up my running shorts and got caught in between the lining and my shorts.  That would only happen to me!

I ended up in bed at 8:30 am last night with dehydration and one sore keyster!  I now have a Jennifer Loper rear but only on my right side.  It all caught up to me and the 11.5 hours of sleep did me some good.