So today I received a magazine with a published piece of my work in it and it hit me that this is the least likely place I would ever expect to be published in.  This is almost as unlikely as me having a recipe in Bon Appetit or having my naked rear appear in an issue of Play Boy.  Ok, sorry for the visuals on that last one.  This compares to the likes of me publishing an article on dog training. 

I attribute this to the irony that in high school I petitioned the school to allow me to take Wood Shop and Metal Shop versus Home Economics.  The last thing I wanted to do was sew a pillow or an apron.  I wanted to turn a lathe and weld my name out of metal.  But some 20 years later I was published in a magazine called "Sew Somerset…the Art of Creative Sewing with Mixed Media".

"Best Wishes" Card

To further this irony, my sewing machine has never touched a stitch of clothing AND…….I am the type of girl if the button falls off a pair of pants they are tossed.  But here I am on Page 128.  Now guess who is kicking herself for now learning how to use that darn sewing machine!

So does this mean that I should start working on my recipes or better yet maybe start working on my abs.  You never know when Hugh Hefner may come calling!  Anything is possible!