Today was the "last day" of summer.  Today was Labor Day and we took the chance to relax and enjoy some last minute summer activities.  I worked briefly in the morning and then had to go pick up my credit card that I misplaced on Saturday.  Thankfully I called the place where the wedding was and they had it.  Phew.  Did I learn my lesson and put it where it belongs in my wallet….of course not!  I shoved it in the front of my wallet.  Need to work on that. 

I came home to catch-up on some laundry while the kids were swimming with Pete.  It was so hot here today that we decided to spend our afternoon in the house.  Tyler, Pete and I played poker….I took them both to the bank.  We all fit in naps and Tyler and I finished the Harry Potter game on the computer.  It was just a relaxing day.  I love those kind of days.  Tomorrow we are back to reality and the twins have one more week off before starting preschool.  They are anxious.Sweet_child_of_mine

I did finish some more layouts:  The first one is for Paperwhite MemoriesBrothers The next one is for FiberMark.  This picture is of my dad and uncle as kids and I just love it.  The challenge was to create a Heritage layout and I immediately thought of this photo.  I loved the outcome. 

Another busy day tomorrow and lots of things to get done on the "To Do" List.  Pete and I had someone over to bid on new kitchen cabinets.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can go ahead and start that kitchen remodel this year.  I am going to call painting contractors too to get some bids on removing the popcorn ceiling and repaint the house.  I think that means that color could be coming into our lives.  I hope to stop at Home Depot tomorrow for some home decorating magazines.  This is something I am not good at.