We are in Michigan and love seeing everyone!  We got in on Friday with no problems.  Surprisingly with all the airport issues we had no troubles and the kids were good too.  That always makes it nice.  We arrived on Friday to meet my new niece.  She is the cutest.  Kyle is of course at such a cute age (3) and is fun to talk to.  He says "aha" to everything you ask him.  Saturday we had friends over with their two kids.  And then Saturday night Pete and I left the kids with my parents and went to a fancy wine party at my friends house near Michigan State.  Pete and I had a nice time.  Pete was feeling no pain by the end of evening and he was hilarious.  Sunday we had over 30 people over for a party.  My mom’s whole side of the family came over along with some friends.  We were outside all day and it was great.  Being with my cousins is just the best. 

After an evening of poker the party was wrapped up.  Tyler went home with my aunt and uncle for a sleepover and I heard that he was watching TV on the 65" TV.  We may not ever see him again.  I think going grocery shopping with my uncle and making copies of his butt at the grocery store was a highlight for him.  I am not sure who had more fun, Tyler or my Uncle.  Right now we are waiting for my Aunt and we are heading out for a day with them.  We will be bowling and more.  It really is great being home……off for some more activities.