Last week was another proud Mom moment!   Tyler had his last home track meet and this time they had the right pads for the pole vault event so I could be there to watch (and of course take photos).  The coach was riding him about making 9'6" which is a Varsity jump.  He was quick to make it over his first two heights on the first jump….


Jump #3 was for the Varsity height…the varsity letter and to qualify for prelims………and he clears it!


at this point you can imagine me breaking out into embarrassing mom clapping (way proud!). 

The next height was set to 10' which he has cleared in practice so doable……

but it was not to be cleared this time. 

I am proud to say he qualified for prelims that took place Tuesday and jumped his career high as a freshman of 9'9".  Great job and very proud of him for taking on this new sport and lettering. Now the expense of that jacket looms in our future. He earned it!

Thank you to my village, Darlene who left the meet just to take Joey to soccer practice so I would not miss Tyler's event!  It was fun to sit with her as we are two of the funniest people we know….Joey may not agree….

Her son did great and I was happy to barter photos for her carpooling my kid around (don't tell her but I was totally going to photograph her son anyway!)

Darlene does not realize it but we are total BFF's.  We have been since 2003 when her husband coached our sons in their first year of baseball….oh wait she does not remember me but I have proof! 


I won't let her forget me no whether she likes it or not!  Seriously, thanks Darlene!  As always my time with you is filled with laughter and smiles.

What a great day for all our athletes!  Way proud of our Bulldogs!


"what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" ~Unknown