I am happy to say that Penny is up and about and seemingly better than new.  She is the life of the house and brought in a new kind of love that sometimes can be translated into me running around like a lunatic chasing down my flip flops. 

Leah, the veterinarian that took care of Penny had invited the twins to come back and tour the office and spend some time seeing what she does and I took her up on that nice offer. (She is a Michigan State Alumni so she is a good one!).  Did I mention Michigan State is undefeated!  Go Spartans!

She gave a great tour showing how they do check-ups on the animals, XRay's, the surgical center and so much more.  The twins learned a lot (so did I) and it was reassuring to them to see what great care Penny got.  I have to say that I never thought I would ever step foot in a veterinarian office and be intrigued but you can tell that Leah truly has a love for her job, animals and she enjoys sharing her passion with others.  I love that in a person.

We had a great time but the blow up ticks she gave the kids went right in the trash.  This mom just could not handle playing keep away with a beach ball in the shape of a tick.  Thank you Leah and Adobe Animal Center.

Penny will be back in the beginning of November.


Follow your passion, and success will follow you.  ~Terri Guillemets