Every year my Village’s Annual Ornament Exchange is something I look forward to.  We are all busy mom’s, business people, volunteers, etc. so just finding that time is so hard and valuable.  But when we do it is just full of cackling laughter.  This year was no different.  This group of women mean more to them me then they will ever know…

Every year I leave my ornament and associated “gifts” to the last minute to hand make.  This year I decided to go simple and go with a wine theme (make it easy on me!).  I etched Tiffany Wine Glasses that had meaning to me with words associated with our friendship…..

I got two wine cork ornaments and a bottle of wine with a cute California canvas wine bag to complete the theme…..

I really loved my gift and with the new game we played with Lori’s (silent) dice there was the chance I could end up with it!

It was so fun and went on for so long!  I will say that I did end up with this beauty…..but felt that needed to go back to Shawn after her battle this year.  Glad after an arm wrestling match she took it back!

and the ornaments that ended up on my tree suit me so perfectly!!  Embrace Change suits me perfectly and can you see that two of the girls ordered the same ornament but I prefer Lori’s rendition of me and my “proportions”.  So the top right gets front honors on the tree.

What a great night and when you have a friendship that has gone on as long as all of ours it has high high’s and low low’s. Some of the times we have gathered has been to laugh until our stomachs hurt and to let a tear or two go.  One thing that we all agreed was that no matter what it feels the same when we all come back together and carving out that time from our busy lives is always worth it.  We also learned one more lesson….never let the teacher bring the Dice………….they are silent!  (love you Lori!).

Let go of the fantasy that you need more, more, more . . . of everything. – Simplify wherever and whenever possible.  Clear the clutter in your physical and mental space.  Instead of figuring out how to make ends meet, work on having fewer ends.  Don’t sell your sanity to the impulse of acquiring things—more distractions—you don’t need in your life.  Learn to say “no!”  When you simplify and live comfortably below your means, mentally and physically, you ultimately enjoy a freedom that people busy upgrading their lifestyles and schedules can’t even fathom.”