Well, all arrived safe and sound and I have to say I am smitten Dsc_4582(I think the feelings are mutual).  Jaden is a gem.  He smiles and giggles all the time and I have yet to hear a real cry.  I think within the first hour I shot 71 pictures of him.  Micky is completely taken with him and is acting the part of Mommy.  She has already fed him.  Joey just made it clear he is not crazy about diapers.  I am not sure what Tyler thinks because him and Curt played XBox, catch, football, went swimming, back to XBox, etc.  He is one big kid and Tyler is in heaven.  Tomorrow we spend the day watching the boys play baseball.  Pete is out of town for work and thankfully he gets home Sunday morning. We miss him so much!Helmar_oesd_ad_2

Today I got the Helmar Ad that my box was featured.  I worked on that project last weekend so very cool to see the ad so quickly.  As many know I have taken on a P.R. Role with Helmar and I am seeing the fruits of my labor from the past few months.  Many of my ads/manufacturer bios & press releases are coming out in Trade Magazines.  If you care to see these check out this Helmar Album.  This is a very exciting adventure for me. 

PaperCrafts Magazine also requested an altered Canvas that I did for their Home Decor Special Issue.  And……Scrapbook Retailer will be featuring my Tea Box and Card Holder in their August/September issue.  Busy week and as always I thank my lucky stars!