Last year was I honored to walk in the Relay for Life (read about that HERE) to raise money for cancer and when asked this year to be a part of it with my team I actually said and thought to myself "No, I cannot do it"……….Why?  I don't have the time.  This and that is going on.  This is an inconvenient time for me.  I really should be doing this. And a thousand other excuses came into my head.  Then I thought about it……….cancer does not appear conveniently, it does not wait for a good time, nor does it wait for you to not be busy.  It just appears………and I have this opportunity yet again to step out and do something for a good cause.  I have this opportunity to walk on my relatively healthy legs (bad ankles and all but cancer free), join my good friends in an evening of comradery for a good cause, and give back.  I get to walk in honor of my Grandpa John, my Grandma Frances and dear friends again….I get to honor those who have had to inconveniently had to deal with cancer.   


So I ask for help again and I know this may not be convenient for you but I do know that most people have been affected by cancer, either a friend or family member.  From those who survived it to those who did not and conveniently donate to my 24 hour walk for this fight against cancer. 

I will be walking May 12-13th which again is not convenient but everything has a way of working out.  All I ask is for you to support me and EVERY dollar counts.  You can donate direct to my personal page by clicking HERE:


I thank you for your support and would be happy to walk in honor of those in your heart….EMAIL me and I will include them on my list.  Last year my goal was to raise $100 and I raised over $1200!!!  This year I raise my goal to $500 and I know that times are tough and it is not convenient………but stepping out of myself and doing this means all the world to me. 


"We should live our life in such a way that someone will benefit from our stay here on earth" ~Oral Lee Brown