What an amazing week it has been. Last weekend was one weekend that will be with me for a long time.  From start to finish my birthday weekend was amazing and I want to start with Sunday, my first Art Show.  The best way for me to share is with pictures of course HERE!

What a wonderful experience it was to put myself, my art out there for others to see.  Seems strange that I can create it LIVE online or at trade shows but to have people come up and purchase it, ask questions and to hear that they love my "style" was so gratifying. 

I learned a lot about myself, my purpose and about selling "me"…it was a whole new concept.  It is my name on that work.  Thanks to my many friends who stopped by to support me too.  That felt great and I did my best.  I thank all who shared this adventure with me via our LIVE Monday nights and Facebook!  I was never alone in this!  It was also a great way to spend the day with my daughter and we had a nice talk about how scary it is to put yourself out there.  The car ride there I was nervous but once I set up and got to meet with like-minded artist people like me it was easy. 

The lady who coordinated this, Marilyn made me feel at ease and very welcome.  I know this is not an easy task but she was readily available and her art is amazing.  I enjoyed walking around and seeing all the different styles and mediums which was a learning experience in itself.  Art truly is an amazing thing that does bring so many together. 

So with that said…I have walked the Walk.  And I look forward to doing it again….looks like the first Sunday in June!  I have cash in my pocket and some new ideas to put to canvas!

TWB_6946aTo those who are afraid to put themselves out there……I dare you!  The drive home a sense of peace came over me knowing I did this.  I tried something new……..and it was fun.


"Live the Life you Imagined" ~Unknown