Take a look at my new Wall 'O DecoArt Paints! or my slice of Heaven!


This weekend I spent organizing my studio space which I shared on Facebook along the way.  Many asked how high they go and I use just about every inch of my wall space.  When I need the ones at the top I usually will take down an entire type of paints to use that I put in plastic bins and use and put way.


In March I shared my storage solution of my paints and other various supplies HERE.  Since then and working wtih DecoArt they sent 6 Boxes of their lines and they have been sitting on the floor for a couple of months…driving me nuts (in a very good way)!


It is hard to find anything and I needed to find a solution.  So this weekend home and the kiddos wanting to just take it easy I set in my studio to clean things up.  



I adjusted all the "shelving" which is is simply t-grid metal 4' strip for an acoustic drop down ceiling that you see in most commercial uses.  I purchased the 4' strips at Home Depot for about $2.50/each and installed them into the studs with screws.  There is a natural lip on them to keep your items secure.


Close up View:



This is my little slice of heaven and thankful for it and the joy it brings me.  Grateful that this artistic outlet I am able to share with so many.  This Monday for Mixed Media Monday LIVE I will be working from a new and improved studio which makes my OCD clutter-free heart so happy!  I have been having a "Sleeping with the Enemy" kind of weekend adjusting and aligning all the bottles but this is my kind of happy in a weekend.  Now off to a basketball pool party!  

Tonight I come home to paint and create with those newly organized DecoArt paints!  Happy Weekend ALL!  May you do what brings you joy!  Make sure to stay up-to-date on my happenings on my Facebook Wall!  So much happening in the Studio!

"Optimists defend themselves against self-dislike in two primary ways.  First, they get back to trusting their own intuition when it comes to their daily activities.  They stop asking for everyone else’s approval and simply do what they know in their heart feels right.  Second, optimists don’t judge themselves against a set of unrealistic, third party ideals.  They let go of the ideals and instead hold on to the belief that they are always good enough just the way they are, even as they grow into a stronger, wiser version of themselves."


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