I am using a 7×10 watercolor art journal to create a gorgeous bouquet of watercolor 3D heart flowers. We’ll be using a mix of watercolor and acrylic paint as well as some button embellishments to create a three-dimensional effect. This is great for beginners and only requires a handful of supplies!

Watercolor 3D Heart Flowers

First, I am starting by painting a watercolor background. I am misting my paints and journal with water, and then I’ll just start painting. We’re just mixing colors here – don’t overthink it! I am using some yellow, green, and blue. 

Next, I’ll take some navy blue paint and apply it to the top of my paper. I’ll take my water mister and just spray it, letting the drips run down my art piece. 

Next, I’ll grab another piece of watercolor paper from my journal and remove it. I’m going to spray it with my water mister again, and paint another watercolor background. I’ll use yellow, red, orange, and purple this time. 

Take a pair of scissors and cut out little hearts we will use as flower petals. These should not be perfect – just random little hearts out of your paper. I cut out 13 hearts to create three flowers. 

Next, I’ll take an archival ink pad and distress the edges of my petals. I’ll also take a dry brush and some navy blue acrylic paint and distress the edges of my background.

Arrange your heart petals into flowers on your other watercolor paper and glue them down. 

creating heart flowers with paper

Take a thin paintbrush and some black acrylic paint and add your flower stems and leaves. 

Now, let’s add some embellishments! I have some cute buttons that I will put in the middle of each of my flowers. I’ll take a pen and add some flower petal outlines as well, then glue those buttons down.

finished art journal heart flowers

This is a great three-dimensional page that you can add to your art journal. We were able to combine watercolor paint, acrylic paint, a couple of buttons, and glue to create this art piece! 

Watch the replay below!

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