I have delved into the world of paints!  Water color and acrylic paints!  I never in a million years considered myself a painter but here goes nothing.  Started simple and so enjoyed drawing and painting.  I came off the page with Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots!  I had so much fun with this one and actually sat back and liked my own work!  (seriously that never happens!).  I have had several emails with requests to list my Supply List so I will try to be better:

"I know that it is possible for life to look sometimes as if everything is falling apart – consider this, when life is "falling apar" things could actually be falling together…maybe for the very first time" ~Neale Donald Walsh"



  • Paints – Watercolor Crayons
  • Paints – Acrylic Paint (DecoArt)
  • Adhesives – Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots
  • Charcoal Penciel
  • Decoupage – Helmar
  • Indian Ink & Nib
  • Flowers – Michael's (just plucked off the plastic stems)

Letting myself even hand write in my journal which is a whole new technique as I have never been a big fan of my handwriting.  I am letting a bit of that perfection go.  I even smudged it at the end and moved on. 

Oh!  I have even started altering my watercolor Gratitude Journal! This is the journal and the Helmar glues I have lined up……


Remember this is a plain 'ole watercolor pad I bought at Blick Art Supplies.  I bet some painting might show up in that one.  You can use a simple notebook, composition book, etc.  I am photographing the process of creating it.  I hope that a few others will join me in this simple endeavor!  Have a great weekend!


“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook