Today was one heck of a day.  My friend Polly thinks I have these busy days just to write about it in my blog but personally I just think she likes seeing her name in my blog.  She is my "blog hog".  Love ya Polly!   I was asked by a good friend to photograph her wedding.  Well, today was the day.  With the three kids in tow we headed to the rehearsal this morning at a beautiful winery.  After hearing the bride’s plans to decorate and handle everything her Maid of Honor and I kind of took the bull by the horns and took over.  She had way too much on her plate besides being the bride.  Dsc_7600So with kids along and 96 degree heat we did wedding set-up all day.  The setting of the ceremony and reception was just beautiful.  I was able to manage a trip home where the kids and I doubled up on showers and headed back out. Then my photographer hat came out and I took pictures of the whole event. 

I was worried about taking such important pictures but once I got in the groove doing what I love it just seemed natural.  I think I got about 400 pictures and loved so many of them.  Here is one of Dsc_7461a myself and the bride.  It was a ton of fun but after this long day I was ready to cash in my chips.  We all had a great time and the kids were simply exhausted.  Again, they outperformed my behavior expectations.  Although, I did have to take many of the pictures with Joey attached to my leg. 

I asked Micky and Joey if they know what a wedding is and Micky said it is when a girl gets a pretty ring from a boy.  She informed me she is getting married to a boy but not Joey (phew!)  Joey made sure to let me know he is not getting married and is living with Mommy forever.  You gotta love that.   Dsc_7631_2

Well, after my long day I feel like this but am happy that I could help out.  They really make a wonderful couple and I love to see my friend so happy.  Now I need to ask her if I can photograph a baby in the future. 

Ok Polly, my blog is up-dated.  I loved meeting your man.  He is great!  I give him the Tracy-seal-of-approval.

P.S.  My aunt also called today and got her Tea Party Album.  She said it made her and my uncle cry.  How sweet is that!  She appreciated it so much.