We made a lot of progress today.  Micky’s Pink wall was painted today and Tyler and Joey got their blue room.  I love all the colors that we selected.  The trim, doors, baseboards, bathroom, kitchen and the biggie……my scrapbook studio still needs to be painted.  Tomorrow the painter hopes to knock out the baseboards.  I will be packing up the kitchen on Saturday so we can demo all the cabinets and flooring on Sunday.  Kind of dreading that work but it is one step at a time.  Tomorrow I go to Home Depot to pick up all the floor tile.  Very exciting stuff.  I need to take some current photos tomorrow.  Today I also made headway going through cabinets in the kitchen.  My good friend Janine came over for tea and kept me company while I was throwing everything away.  I think I inspired her to go home and clean herself.  I was on a roll.  Thanks for the tea and good conversation this morning Janine!

Today Helmar released their November Newsletter.  Check it out:  Download november_2006_newsletter.pdf .  It turned out great.  Prior copies of the newsletters can be seen here.  I am very proud to be a designer for this company.  I am looking forward to CHA in January. 

After another full day of kids activities and PTA stuff I am happy that there is no school tomorrow.  Poor Tyler has been sick these last few days and has been putting up a good fight to hang in there.  Hopefully he will be able to rest this thing off in the next three days.  I feel so bad for him.  There is nothing worse than having your baby sick.  Joey had a rough day today that all started in the gym parking lot.  He decided when we got there that he was not going in.  What!  I did not think at 4 he could rationalize how much I do for him and I ask him to go to the gym day care (where he has fun) for a mere two days (2 whole hours).  I literally told him I was leaving him in the car and walked into the gym to watch him through the glass windows.  I figured he would come bounding out but that little strong-willed guy stood his ground.  So, I decided not to fight it and took away all electronic equipment (his new love is Disney Playhouse on the computer) from him for the day and told him he would be "discussing" the matter with Daddy in the evening.  Needless to say that after that little discussion he came to me and apologized.  He was kind of a bum to everyone today including Tyler and Micky.  I got so tired of saying "Joey stop it" that I was just a little relieved when early bed-time came.  ( I know my mom and dad are reading this and are laughing)  I think he was over-tired.  I just realized that for the first time one of my kids out-stubborned me.  Lucky he is so cute!

Today I also took a big step……….I applied for my business license.  I have thought about that for a long time and decided to just do it.  I filled out the app and mailed it today.  Since my freelance photography and scrapbook design work has picked up I decided to become an adult and make this the real-deal.  Big step for me!