If you are looking for us on the weekends best to look at the basketball courts or the baseball field.  Lots of sports every weekend now that we are in college baseball season. Proud of this kiddo for getting his college start!


He is my most favorite catcher to watch!


Yesterday was two games of basketball!!

Rec1 Rec2

Got to even take in a SDSU Men’s basketball game too which was fun to take Micky.  She strives to take her basketball far….


Then I capped off the day with dinner with the kids while my fella took in another baseball game (sometimes we need to divide and conquer with all the sports but most times tackle them together.  I know one day we will miss these busy times)……


Then I did this…..Calgon do your thang!

bathThere is no other way I would have it.  So proud of them all. Off to catch one more SDSU baseball game before I travel for the week.  I hope your weekend was fun-filled!

Whenever your thoughts become scattered with the worries and stress of busyness, use your breath as a means to take hold of your mind.  Just breathe, and be present for a moment; you’ll feel better.”