This weekend was kiddo free which I always go into a little tepid however I really have come to appreciate that time…the time to catch-up and regroup.  This weekend I did just that.  Started it Friday with some Friday night lights!  Football season is back and happy to sit with my Bulldog Momma Bear friends and take in the home opener……



Once again our photo bomber is back and he makes every game a little more fun.


Thanks friends for a great Friday night.  Big Win for our Bulldogs too!  And Michigan State won their first game too (Great night to be a football fan for me).  I wore both football team shirts just to make sure!

Saturday morning I took in the sunrise in my PJ's doodling in my art journal (sorry neighbors for that show LOL)



Not a bad way to start a Labor Day weekend………hope everyone has a chance to take in some things you love this weekend.   Time to clean up that Studio now and finish my class for September in Texas!


"Practice is a means of inventing an amazing outcome in all walks of life."