What a great weekend…..long weekend since the kiddos had off Friday and Monday.  Sunday I had "one of those days" that included dropping my credit card at Costco after filling up the cart and unloading it to pay only to discover I dropped my card.  VERY THANKFUL it was returned but kind of bummed out.  The sun was shining, I was taking care of "business" and realized that I ask for so little with the kids that I wanted 1 hour of their time.  It is sad to say but it is hard to get that time with two 11-year-olds and a 15-year-old.  They have friends over, go to friends, sports, life, homework and generally hanging with their mom is not top on their list. 

BUT I wanted that time.  I wanted 1 hour in the sun with them…..together!  So from Costco I texted them all to aleviate the complaining and told them to be ready with running shoes, not to complain and to do this for their mom.  I was happy that they complied with minimal complaints.  (I think using the "I ask for nothing and just want to be with you all" really worked at their guilt). 

But I got my 3 mile hike in the sun with my kiddos and The Furball.  Penny was all too happy to join in this family outing.  It was gorgeous!


We even had a visitor along the trail…


some of my favorite spots…


Funny how they have no clue what this time means to me.  They all individually walked alongside me at some point and just talked.  When a teenager opens up and freely offers tidbits of their life you just hold on to every word.  I really did love every minute of it! 


For this Mom it was worth putting off the "business" of every day life and just asking for that one hour.  When you do not ask for it you will not get it.  Life is busy for all of us but they are my number 1!  Not just my #1 to drive to and from their events…my #1 to spend time with. 

 It is important to disconnect to re-connect!

"Nobody on Earth knows how things will turn out for you, which is why you have to press forward every day on the heels of your intuition and passion.  If you give it your all, sometimes amazing things happen, but they’ll rarely be precisely what you had expected."