I do not even know how to begin to describe my weekend.  It included amazing sights, the ocean, a sunrise and sunset that took my breath away, seeing my fella in action, naps in what felt like a giant rocking chair, good food, and catching a yellow fin tuna!  I went deep sea fishing!  Friday night with my man at the wheel I along with 36 others were on the Condor.  Equipped with sea sickness pills, a patch and my new pink boots (which may I add were fashionable and functional) we headed out at 8:30 pm Friday night toward San Clemente Island.


Friday night we motored out and I was proud that in the confined sleeping quarters I did good and even did not mind the early 5 am wake up.  I did not want to miss the sun rising and so glad I woke up for that spectacular show!  This is where John took to watching for signs of schools of fish.  I learned so much for the equipment they used to the binoculars they use to span the ocean.  He sure does know the ocean.  We saw dolphins, a hammerhead shark that had lunch on many of the fish, and even a marlin!  I was in awe of everything.

Fishing3 Fishing4

I have to say I was impressed with the crew and how attentive they were (helps to be the captains fiance I guess)…..

Fishing2 Fishing15

John also was always attentive while minding the work.  I could not fathom until this trip what his job entailed and I was impressed from start to finish.  Fishing is his passion and he is an excellent teacher to his fellow crew and all the passengers fishing.  He genuinely cares and has a way of sharing that with everyone while being the captain responsible for so many.  I guess you could say I was impressed.


Once we were on the fish John set me up with my own (pink) rod to matching my pink boots where he patiently stood by and gave me tips on holding it, let the bait do it’s thing, and then when it came time how to know I had a bite.  The first one got away but that second one was all mine and I wanted no assistance in bringing that baby in.  Boy did that feel awesome!!!!!!  And thankful that all John did was give me cues about how to stand, when to wind in and let go.  I think I am hooked! (excuse the expression).

Fishing7 Fishing6

Yep, I broke those pink boots in with this Yellow Fin Tuna!


Like I said, the boat was a’ rockin’ so I found myself many a time catching small catnaps throughout the day. John was yet again amazed at my gift to sleep any time, anywhere.  This particular spot behind him left me rolling onto the floor with one big wave which everyone found to be funny.  I did too because boy did that wake me up.   I also napped on the deck.  Boat naps are the best!


On the way back to San Diego yet again I got another sunset show…

Fishing11 Fishing12

This is what I learned from this trip….

  1. take chances, dare to dance the tide and wear a patch behind your ear just in case.
  2. as John put it….”it’s called fishing for a reason and not catching”.  You will not get one every time.
  3. just as I am passionate about art, teaching and sharing it my fella gets that.  He pointed out that his art was just a little different.
  4. being unplugged from phones, computers, etc. is awesome.  I had plenty of time to read and relax.
  5. I am still going to be me no matter where you take me…….the pink boots are an example and John loves who I am (he even got me the boots while he was rolling his eyes).  Seriously I am a trendsetter in the fishing world.
  6. no matter where we are…..John and I just enjoy that time together.
  7. he is great at what he does and to see him connect with others while maintaining his rough exterior is amazing.  He may not like me sharing that one.
  8. he is so attentive.  I cannot count how often he asked if I was ok, was hungry, wanted anything and more.
  9. I love being on and around the water.  There is no place I would rather be.
  10. I am blessed beyond my own imagination……not just to be the captains girl but to have gone through the ups and downs of life to find someone like him.  Life has many lessons and the road to being on the boat was the one I was supposed to take.

Fishing13 Fishing14


Yep……a trip I will not soon forget with my fella.


We came back in San Diego harbor on Saturday night and if given the chance I would have gone right back out on the next one with John but it went until Monday and I needed to go home and be mommy again.  My pink boots and I are looking forward to the next trip.


Relationships require dedicated time in order to survive and thrive.  It’s easy to allow life to take over, especially when you have young children, work, and a body that needs nourishing food and exercise.  But your relationship with someone is a body as well, and if it’s not watered with quality time every week, it will start to wither.  Make time every week to focus only on those you care about, and time every day to pour even just a few minutes of quality interaction into your closest relationships.  Nothing you can give is more appreciated than your sincere, focused attention – your full presence.  Being with someone, listening without a clock and without anticipation of the next event is the ultimate compliment.  It is indeed the most valued gesture you can make to another human being.”