So as usual our whole Saturday was dedicated to Soccer.  Joey won another game.  This was his third time playing goalie and he still has not let one go by.  I figure he loves goalie as there is a lot less running invovled.  It is fun to see him so focused on that ball. They are 3-0!

Tyler played a tough one.  They were short players, had no subs and in 95+ degree weather that is tough.  I lost count how much we lost by.  So they are 0-1-2.


Sunday was jammie pants day!  Oh how I love those days where you stay in your PJ's.  We filled it with card games, Wii Rock Band, Charger's football (which I care not to discuss), homework and cooking.  I really have to say I loved just being with the kids and not looking at them through a rear-view mirror as I drive them to the next activity.

As for Michaela she has found her sport of choice……….Gymnastics.  This time she is at a gym with all the apparatuses (beam, bars, etc.) and she loves it.  Pictures coming soon!  And by the way, you Creative Folk who are waiting for something creative to come from this website please don't lose hope!  I actually got back to my studio this week and hold out hope that I will glue something this week.