Another weekend behind us.  I have to say it was dedicated to the sports Gods.  Saturday at 10 am was the last regular season basketball game and we racked up another win.
_TWB8094   _TWB8073  

The boys clinched FIRST PLACE!
Personally, I think those trophies should go to the parents for getting them to all the games and practices but I will wait until the dust settles on it in his room to steal it.  So now on to the playoffs that start Monday.  This is about the time of year when sports are over-lapping and I am the only mom in the stands rooting for the other team so the season can be over.  We are just too busy so "GO OTHER TEAM!". 

Then it was home to grab lunch and then OPENING DAY of baseball!  Joey's Game started at 1 pm and unfortunately they lost
_TWB8117 _TWB8208  
Ok, so win or lose he still is the cutest little guy out there. 

Then at 3:30 Tyler's game started. After watching JoJo's game, Tyler's game seems like a bunch of beard-growing 90 mph pitching men!  The game is fast and intense.  Tyler has a great coach who's love for the game is infectious.  He is not afraid to show his intense emotions and for the girl holding the camera that is a lot of fun.  So another slide show is in order…..

We finished our day at a local hamburger joint where a cold beer when down just fine.

Sunday I woke up late and decided the day was all about the kids.  We had no sports, plans or obligations and dad had to work.  So I left it up to the kids and said the camera would not even be going along (that was hard).  Lately it seems I am seeing life through that 1 cm X 1 cm window on the back of my camera and the kids may be forgetting what I look like.  We decided on lunch at Pat & Oscars and then video games at Dave & Busters.  It was so much fun.  It was so great that we all came home and napped. It had been a long that I took the day to just had fun with the kids. We vowed to do that more often.  Sometimes the sports, work, daily responsibilities, etc. blind you from the important stuff.