This weekend was a busy one and one I will not soon forget.  It included shopping for college dorm needs for this one…


and I loved every minute of it…even when he was making fun of my organized list which he admits came in handy!


and a new pair of cute shoes may have needed to be bought to even out the buy one/get one half off…I know, night of me right?!


and moving him….(pictures bad because I did not want to embarrass him with the big camera)


Bittersweet for his Dad and I but you can tell he is excited for his new adventures.  Participating in this made me appreciate my parents all the more for the opportunity they saw me off in and the exact shopping trip my mom took me on.  I never appreciated it more than I do now.  Made me excited for my three on deck.  I was happy and full of emotion all day for these two men in my life.  Happy to be part of it.

I also got time with old friends.  My longest friends from the day I moved to California in 1992…….


Happy Birthday to Kay and thanks girls for being like sisters to me!  All in all a great weekend and could not ask for more.

You will meet two kinds of people in life: those who build you up and those who tear you down.  In the end, though, you will thank them both.  Because the wrong relationships eventually lead to the right ones.”