Weekends are to let go, relax, catch up, enjoy, savor and summer weekends are to do that and way more. This weekend with the kids was just that. I love the time with them, friends and teens that invade my house, pool and garage.  

One thing I made sure to do was return to the Studio for some painting!




Enjoying that time to just breathe, be creative and have some me time each day of the weekend.  The rest is kids, soccer car washes, sleep overs, teens over-taking my house and video games.  Part of summer which I love.   

To friends and impromptu happy hours……



Furballs who make every morning better….


Pool parties with daughters who snchronize swim for everyone



time around the fire pit that leaves you hurting from laughing so much….



Leaving you on a Sunday night to just be right here, right now…..



Thank you Summer……for all the sweet moments.



"Embrace the fact that as long as you choose to live a full life, fear will be a constant companion who keeps you safe from making dangerous mistakes.  You just have to let it know that you will not obsess over the little warnings it sends.  Instead, you will evaluate a situation and take calculated risks as you step forward"