Ugh, I hate to concentrate on the scale but sometimes that tells me how things are going.  That darn thing has been tinkling (word ?) upward which irritates me. Plus my workouts are erratic which I hate even more.  Tonight I worked out at 7:45 PM.  My body does not like to workout after dark.  Plus I don’t see my regular morning crew which keeps me on task and motivated.  That is the downside of summer.  Plus my love of chips has returned for the summer and I find myself giving in when I am at the store with the kids. This has to stop!  It also does not help that I spend 90% of my summer in a bathing suit.  TumbleOK, no more whining.  On the flip side I feel stronger than I have ever felt, emotionally and physically.  I get a little edgy when I don’t have my regular workouts (that may already be obvious LOL). 

Tonight I find myself making more room in my office (is that possible!).  I rearranged some things and got rid of a few things and am happy with the outcome.  Plus I got this layout done last night for Scrappin Sports.  I hope to get one more done but have to hit the sack early.  No sleeping in tomorrow because I have to be at work at 8:00 am.  The kids have been sneaking in each morning and sleeping in with me which I love.  Man, I love sleep and I feel for those who have a hard time getting it. 

Off, to label those new drawers.  My label maker feels neglected if I don’t use it every couple of days.