I get a lot of emails asking where I keep things in my studio so I decided to take my Flip Video around and give you a brief tour.  Now keep in mind this is my fourth video, there is no editing (obviously), the people featured in this video are not paid actors and your narrator is not a trained professional. 

I just happened to clean up my studio this morning and for once there was nothing on the floor and that never happens so I grabbed that Flip Video and did this impromptu taping.  This gives you a glimpse of where I keep things and just how crazy I am with the label maker (my friends can attest to that).

So Betsy in NC I wish I had a better solution for ribbon but it works for me.  Dana my brads and buttons are mostly in divided containers from The Container Store (my favorite store!) and most of my paper is by company.  I do have some divided by subject (i.e. beach, summer, winter, etc.) but really need to just purge that.  And Jenny, my pens are right above my head. I got that container from a Michaels when they were throwing it away.  I had to put it on it’s side.  The room just makes me happy because it is somewhat organized and it is yellow (Making Memories "Banana" to be exact.  I had the paint matched).

Wow, two video posts in two days.  I just may have to take this show on the road! I have to go now and put all that stuff back on the floor LOL.