Well, we have the cleanest refrigerator in all of California!  We had to pack up this house and take the show on the road last week in order to prep for termite tenting!  What a drag but I was sick of letting those buggers live here rent free.  So we packed up every bit of food in this house and packed up for a fun weekend at our friends house. 
20090625-TWB_3300 20090625-TWB_3302 
20090625-TWB_3304 Gotta remember the important stuff!

Here is a photo of some of the friends we visited at a restaurant.  Tyler was so cute there.  He played one of those impossible vending games where you use the jaws to snag a stuffed animal and he won three of them!.  He gave two of them to my two friend's daughters.  Then I saw him walk over and give one to a stranger.  He handed it to the mom and came back and said he saw them trying to get it and thought he should give it to her daughter.  Oh boy was that a proud mom moment!

The kids had a great time because staying at Gramma Gigi's and Papa Darrell means no bed times and whatever they want to eat, whenever they want.  We loved the late nights, the naps and the R & R during this stressful time.  We got to visit with great friends. 

Thank you to our dear Friends!  We returned to a termite free zone and my mind is at ease again.  We also hit Costco to replenish those clean refrigerator shelves.  Home sweet home….