Well, after three trips to buy shoes for the kids I bit the bullet and just took them with me.  There should be a law that all kid shoes should run the same.  My American Express has more return on it for shoes.  With that behind me they are all fitted for water shoes and ready to test them out in the lake.  Tonight we managed to install Pete’s new satellite radio and clean my truck.  I have the dining room swarming with everything we own. I need to remember to take a picture of the mounting piles.  I finally sat down too and compiled my list and feel a little more in control.  That helps since I got about 3 hours of sleep last night with everything on my mind. 

Tomorrow I have the intent to just enjoy the holiday where Dsc_5154we are going to a friend’s house.  I made this tray for them to bring our food on. 

I also got news today that Uchida wants more of my layouts and they will be featuring four of my layouts in the Scrapbooking.com August newsletter.  Yippee!  I created these layouts for them. 


I am looking forward to this next week off but will miss my scissors and glue.  Autumn_funThe_magic_of_christmas_1

Wednesday is our big Costco food shopping day and Thursday is pack-up day.   I have to say that while I am rushing around like a chicken with my head-cut-off I came home to see Pete proudly standing in front of his latest yard work…….a pitcher’s mound and pitching target for Tyler.  I thought I would reach through the phone when he asked me to make a side trip to buy a pitching plate at the sports store.  How I wish I were a man!

I also talked to my family in Michigan today.  They were all gathering for an early 4th celebration.  Oh how I wish I were there.  Just hearing the loud talking, laughing and chaos made me homesick.  Thank heavens we are going soon!