So today I got to thinking about things that bring me pure joy.  Yep, just a post of random blathering here but it got me thinking…

  • A scented candle – I usually try to light one in my office while I am working (with a Post-It note on my forehead to remind me to blow it out).
  • Any article of clothing or accessory with cute skulls on it (a bonus is if it is pink).
  • Reaching the peak of any hike I take.  Love that feeling!
  • That first taste of a cold beer (Stella Artois) on a hot summer day. 
  • Fresh cherries off a tree._twb1036_2
  • A good movie at the theater with movie popcorn (with butter of course). 
  • A good song that grabs me from nowhere.
  • A good cup of tea in my favorite mug.  I love to wrap my hands around it and there is nothing like a good mug that fits in your hands.

I realize that my luxury items are not expensive and really do make me feel good.  Anyone want to share what your luxury items are?

Now icing on the cake is the smell of that scented candle, that song that comes on, while wearing a skull shirt, and that cup of tea in my hands all at once.  Now that is my heaven.