After our trip to the Farmer's market on Saturday I was inspired to create with colors and more watercolors.  I have to say I am enjoying the process of doodling with water colors.  I decided to buy a new watercolor Moleskin journal just to play around and see what moves me.  Here are my first few pages…



and I am happy to say that my Beverage art has made a return to my work! Nothing like a a pretty cocktail glass to inspire you!



I am trying to show them in the process as I go along but the whole purpose of this album is to create fast and free….to put together what I have learned and make it my style (hence the "Beverage Art")



 I will have to say that I have found the difference in watercolor quality.  The cheapie ones from Michael's which are good for travel and come with lots of colors are hard to detail and chip away.  I am not liking those.  BUT I love my Winser & Newton set and have decided to order more colors in those.  Better to invest in good quality paints you enjoy using!


So for now that is what is moving me, inspiring me in my studio.  Coming from this place of learning, playing and not being afraid is giving me a whole new meaning to my work……Learning and expanding my mediums!  

What is moving your and your work right now?  What inspires you?  Who inspires you.  I know right now I am looking to fellow artists like Joanne Sharpe and Stephanie Ackerman who I have loved for a long time to expand this art in my heart.


"There are plenty of things to love right now; you just have to want to see them.  Loving is never easy, especially when times are tough, yet it is easily the most powerful and positively enduring action possible…Find the light.  Act out of love.  Do something that will enable you to move forward toward a more fulfilling reality.  There is always something good you can do.  There is always love to give.  Fill your heart with it and act in everyone’s best interest, especially your own."