Champagne & Orange Juice

and some nimble fingers?

In my case you come up with a scarf for a tarantula

How do you like my first attempt at crocheting?  I know you are all impressed with my "bookmark". 

Let me explain, it was my friend's Betsy's birthday and she invited us all over for a "Stitch 'n Bitch" session.  Her mom was in town to celebrate Betsy's birthday and to share her talents. She does amazing crochet work and brought some for us to admire. And let me tell you that this 70 year old was a beautiful dynamo!  I really enjoyed her and was taken with her stories of love, life, passion and beauty (inside and out).  She exudes all of those things.  Thanks Jackie and Betsy for a morning of laughing, a couple of drinks and hooking (gee, sounds like quite a morning). 

As for me, I am sticking to my camera and gluing things.  Otherwise, I may be going into the one row "bookmark" business.  I am not sure there is a huge market for tarantula scarves.  So does anyone want to see what I look like when I am crocheting?
TWB_0141 TWB_0144  TWB_0145  

I can officially say that I am hanging up my crochet needles and will just stick to the mimosas.