Sports, Sports and more Sports….

Joey is two games away from finishing a very tough season with no wins in their pockets…too many new players on his team so it has been a tough one. Sure love that guy and his strut.  He did well as Goalie…



And a new season of travel basketball is underway for my girl….



Proud of this team and we started the season with a WIN.  Looks like these girls are headed to Las Vegas in May for a tournament!  


Looking forward to a great season!  Go Rampage!

and that concludes the summary of Life as a Soccer Mom.  I know one day I will miss these years so I am making sure to fit in what I can!  I love that right now I can capture what my kids have going on….that inspires me in so many ways.

"Don’t be afraid of facing your fears.  They’re not as scary as you think, and they’re not here to stop you.  They’re here to let you know that what you want is worth fighting for."