Purpose1 copyWe go through lots of changes in life.  I am not great with change…I consider myself a very status quo girl..  When I go to a restaurant and order something I pretty much stick to that every time I come back.  The motto "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" comes to mind.  Just ask my friends from high school and they can tell you what I ordered at Burger King after skiing….chicken sandwich no mayo with ketchup.  Although I don't frequent that location when I do go there that is my exact order.  As I turn 42 on Friday this question has come to mind a bit for me lately…"What is your purpose?"


Purpose copy
Many times you have to find a new focus and purpose and that is not easy.  What is easy is staying the path which may not be your best course.  So it is redirection time.  Therein lies the problem.  Time to find a new purpose and what speaks to you.  This is what I know for sure…my job as a mom is Purpose #1 and that never changes. My role in my family to love, protect and honor them is Purpose #2 and my friends know I have their backs (Purpose #3).   


I read this interesting article HERE (great article to read and thanks Diane Shulte for sending my way) and love "The 18 Truths" we need to remind ourselves of: 

  1.  I can only be me.
  2. This is my life, and my dreams are worth it.
  3. Everything, good or bad, is a life lesson.
  4. A few REAL friends are all I need.
  5. My actions and words directly affect those around me.
  6. Broken promises destroy relationships
  7. The little things are often the big things.
  8. People regret the things they did NOT do.
  9. Small people can make a big difference.
  10. Adversity makes us strong and wise.
  11. Every deserves kindness and respect.
  12. Everything has something amazing to offer.
  13. There's no point in doing something if I'm not going to do it right.
  14. Dishonesty should never be tolerated.
  15. Personal growth will feel uncomfortable at first.
  16. Happiness is a choice that comes from within.
  17. The more I invest in myself, the more control I will have over my life.
  18. Knowledge without action accomplishes nothing.

Anoter one of my passions that makes me feel alive is to Create and SHARE……….not just to paint pretty pictures but to share it with others and see where that takes us.  To provide inspiration…I am finding that it comes back to me tenfold.  I sat down one day and within a short time came up with these two pages in my 11 X 15 Art Journal and from within I could feel my purpose……



Purpose3 copySo as I forge a new path and find my purpose I love and adore the emails from those who I reach creatively.  It is hard having a passion that does not directly cure something, fights a battle or serves a purpose.  What is does is make the world a prettier place to live, gives us all purpose and brings so many together. I read this from a fellow Artist, Andy and she posted on her blog HERE: "As I have been doing quite often A.T.(After Tracy lol) I tried it! I'm actually happy with it…………I love this "art journal" thing and I don't think Tracy has any idea of how much she is teaching but also helping other heal by journaling through art."

I do realize it Andy……….and THANK YOU!.  As Oprah would say "This I know for sure"…………..what is your purpose?