So much is going on in my life.  Christmas is rapidly approaching, the kids are busy, my parents arrive, 6th grade fundraising, work, and in the midst of it all I am tackling my new website.  I am so excited seeing my visions come to life and my own personal path.  But all this has me sometimes waivering and wonder who, what, why, and where.  I have questions being asked of me of what I want to focus on, what services do I offer, and what is my purpose.  As an Accountant, Plumber, Landscaper, etc. that question may be easier answered but as an Artist it is not so easy.  It is not easy when you say to someone (a computer guy no less) I want it to reflect me.  The poor guy has no idea what he has gotten into but so far this process has been so wonderful.

In the midst of my juggling it does have an affect on me and I am so lucky to have so many remind me of who and what I stand for.  I got one of those emails this week and it steered me right back to where i need to be…..

My friend,  questioning what we do is not always a bad thing.   Sometimes those questions are what keep us moving in the correct direction. … on the right path.  Sometimes those questions keep us from becoming complacent. Sometimes those  questions are when we grow the most and learn the most about ourselves.    Sometimes those questions keep us focused on who has the ultimate control.   It’s when those questions paralyze us from moving forward at all that we should really be concerned.   Don’t allow the questions to keep you from moving forward.   Embrace them and really look at what it is exactly you’re questioning.  Is it your abilities you’re questioning……. your idea……. your vision?   Or is it questions at all?   Is it questions. …. or is it fears?   😉  

Is it your path you’re finding a hard time defining or is it your perceived notion of what others think your path should be?   

These are easy questions for me to ask. …. not so easy for me to answer or probably for you to answer either.   We’re so intertwined with our own internal struggles between what we think we should do. … what we think others think we should do.  And add to the mix our own internal critic and you can end up with a toxic brew.    

Don’t lose sight of what YOUR vision is. What YOUR work is. …. what YOUR path is and most important,  who YOU are.   I happen to KNOW you’re a fantastic powerful woman.  You have a gift you have embraced and have worked hard to develop and are willing to share.   I can personally say with absolute certainty the impact YOU have had on my growth as an artist over this past year and as a person.  I wouldn’t change a single part of the process. … The good,  the bad and the ugly! !  Lol. 

Luv ya girl! !  Yvonne


I had a nice converstsaion with  my mom and she asked “Are you happy with your kids, your home, your life?”….YES.  She said, then the rest will fall into place with my hard work.  This I know for sure.  I am who I am.  The Artist in me does shine through and those things I love, that inspire me I hold every so close:

My family…..



The beach that grounds me and inspires me……



My art which is from my heart…



and my friends but there is no way to include ALL who on a daily basis keep me smiling, laughing and on my path.  You know who you are! ♥

Today I am nspired..



For now….I smile from within on this crazy path I am on…


and knowing that if I can inspire or make a difference in one person’s life daily then my job is done.  As I am taking on this new website, my path, etc. I very much value these wise words from Yvonne…..that’s my path.  What is yours?

  “Great challenges make life interesting; overcoming them makes life meaningful.  It’s how you deal with failure that determines your happiness and success.”