Years back I started creating LIVE on Ustream and never thought it would come to mean what it does to me today.  It is OUR time…our time to let it go, tell the family we need some creative time, and use all those supplies we accumulate as crafters and artists.  I never realized it would take a a life on of it's own and mean what it does to me today.  The group who gathers are funny, creative and inspiring and welcoming to all newcomers.  We welcome any an all to join us! 

I have always said that inspiration is catchy (the only germ I welcome is the creative kind!).  Everyone chats as I paint, give me their opinions, tell me where to  put the buttons (and what colors), and shares who they are. They know my parents, my kids, my dog and I welcome you all into my home each week. 

It is a way for me to share my passion.  I am not perfect, life is not perfect…….the kid's argue and I settle their disputes.  I spill things, my mouth sometimes forgets to put on a filter.  I have one agenda………..share what I love and get everyone out of the mindset of over-thinking things.  When you over-think them you stop yourself.  You take that childlike ability to just create and art is ever-flowing. 

Here are just some of my favorites from OUR time:

TWB_0689a TWB_6579a TWB_8388a TWB_9778a

What means the most is seeing the pages you have shared with me from OUR time from:

Lori Batronis:


Carole Moore:

Delight in life


Linda Seucaeda:

Mixed Media Art using Chalks


Jean McNaulty:

Heart flowers


So many more to share which I will do this week and I am honored everyone shares their art with me!

Here are the details:

Every Monday at 6:00 pm (PST), 8 pm (CST) and 9 pm (EST)

twStudios Ustream Channel:

Cost:  FREE

Hours if inspriation!


If you missed any of the LIVE shows you can see the recordings HERE as well!

Monday nights are fun………..that creative time is OURS!  I will see you next Monday!


"You have three choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got."