"Mom, will you help us with our school project?"

When I hear those words there is dread that wells up and I wonder what styrofoam object or cardboard Mission I am going to have to "assist" in assembling at the last minute.  Last week I heard those words when Micky had a friend over.  I heard Micky say "My mom has a whole room full of paint" and my tension eased up.  How hard could it be if it involved paints.  

They needed to paint a background on their presentation board and wanted it to look like the ocean.  This artistic mom flew into action and had them pulling all the shades of blue DecoArt paints I had (this is where working with an awesome paint company came in handy……


We mapped it out and with a little help we were painting the depths of the sea…


I have to admit this was fun for us all…


I even got to get in on a little piece of the action..



Great job girls……..and now the real work comes in of research and filling that board up with information……(so thankful I don't have to do that part)



I loved being part of the fun painting part!  Thanks DecoArt!


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