Well, I am adhering to the motto that "What does not kill you, makes you stronger."  Today was one Car_Battery of those days that once it was over I was happy it was behind me.  The tip of my day was a dead battery in the bank parking lot.  From there I drove the truck to Costco to get that taken care of but of course the do not install batteries and I accidentally turn the truck off so had to call friends to come rescue me.  UGH……they came over to rescue me and put in a new battery but of course that was not the only issue so tomorrow the truck goes in for service.  Thankfully, I had enough battery power to get home and thank heavens for great friends!

So I have been noticeably absent working on one of my largest projects……cannot wait to share.  I am also working on my new website!  Yep, my very own official website.  I am very excited to share all my new endeavors so stay tuned!