Wow, the weekend just flew by………soccer and baseball dominated our time:
_twb1247 By the way, I am no professional baseball player however I bet you hit the ball easier if you OPEN YOUR EYES!
_twb1252 I stand corrected!
_twb1279 _twb1282

So where I am during all these sporting events you ask?  Well, I am parked under my umbrella taking in everything….
_twb0967 We have our own umbrella compound
_twb0961 Here I am wishing I did not have so many chins.
_twb0965 And here I am wishing my feet were in the sand, that cooler was filled with cold beers, the pink bag had a good summer book and I was overlooking the ocean. 

So now you know where I am and where I wish I was.  Oh to be a soccer mom!