OK, I am home after an incredible weekend.  I do have to say that for the first time in a long time I sat in a room and felt like these people get me.  They get me and the "unique" relationship I have with my camera.  They have the same passion that I have to capture life’s moments on film and want to know what ISO, F-Stop, Shutter speed, and Aperture all have to do with the meaning of life. 

Friday Night – Kelly and I head to RB to settle in at our digs.  Loaded down with enough junk food for a natural disaster we unpacked and headed to the Meet ‘n Greet reception.  This gave us a chance to get to know our fellow workshop women and teachers.  Kelly and I headed back to the condo for PJ’s, chips/dip, Ding Dongs and laptops.  It is kind of funny to see two great friends on a couch with laptops.  We did not even have to talk….we could just email one another LOL.

Dsc_2430 Dsc_2416

I think girl time, junk food,and sitting on a couch are a girlfriend’s gift to one another.  We laughed, ate and watched a movie that was part of our homework.

Me Rah Koh Workshop Day One – We started by going around and introducing ourselves.  Immediately, I realized that I am in a room with a lot of incredible women!  Everyone had a different story, a different specialty, and were in different places in their lives but yet we are all the same in so many ways.  Me Rah also had us all riveted when she told us her abbreviated Life Story.  What a special woman!  From there she went right into talking fractions, numbers and definitions.  She shared secrets, definitions, and reasoning for how and why she shoots things.  Now usually I have the attention span of a gnat and cannot be seated for long but I listened to every word (and even found myself taking notes!). She explained things in user-friendly terms and gave us analogies we could understand.  By the time we broke for lunch I was swirling with great information.  During lunch us women were all able to talk and share some more. I could tell that the bonds formed here were important ones.

After lunch we went into our first photo shoot. Five Mom’s and their new babies came in to be our subjects.  Here we going using the new information.  Shooting indoors and outdoors with no flash!  I will share a few of my favorites……….
_dsc2588_2 Tracywb3_2
Tracywb1 Tracywb2 _dsc2644

After lunch Brian went into post-process and Adobe Lightroom but by now my head was swirling and this information was harder to process.  The M & M’s helped a bit but I at about this time every ailment seemed to hit ADD, OCD, restless leg syndrome, arthritis and Alzheimer’s because that chair because an appendage for me.  We also were asked to get into groups and do a skit!  Now I am a good for a joke to the person next to me but the sweats kick in when I have to go in front of a group but a free copy of Lightroom was on the line.  Heck, I would act on a street corner for that (OK, that does not sound right)…..so act we did.
_mg_7308 don’t I make a cute Laptop (don’t ask)

We did not win so I tested my deodorant for nothing. Ok, it was fun. 

End of Day One so we head to Bucca……….well, you know what happens there.  The life of Carey Schumacher was changed forever.  I will post Day Two momentarily.  I know this is riveting stuff!

To my new workshop friends………….thank you for an awesome time!  I had such a great time getting to know each and every one of you!