Wow how time flies when you are busy.  I have maintained the hiking and even ordered some "gear" for my obsession.  Pretty soon I will have a weighted walking vest, jogger pepper spray and a hiking book.  All I need is a bird-watching pair of binoculars and safari hat and I am good to.  Today Janine, Victoria and I had a rare free morning together so we hiked up Iron Mountain (click to enjoy the view without having to break a sweat).  I love this hike.  The weather was perfect as was the company.
Dsc_0750 Dsc_0763_2 

I have had a couple of emails asking where I find the time to do all this hiking.  The truth of the matter is I am diligent about scheduling one hour a day for working out.  I used to spend it at the gym but I am an outdoors kind of girl.  I love the feeling of being outside, hearing mother nature (a.k.a. my iPod) and getting dirt on my shoes.  So this time is important to me and kind of keeps my head in the game daily.  After that hike or workout I am back to doing all the other "stuff" and actually right now I am evaluating how important some of that "stuff" is.  Us moms tend to overload our lives so finding the things you love are so important.  So with my pepper spray strapped on and my new hiking book I hope to find new adventures.

P.S.  Just to set the records straight, I did not acquire two dogs to keep me company.  I decided the pepper spray was more my speed LOL