I cannot even begin to tell you how last week was life changing……………..I guess I can sum it up with this which the sign went up LIVE last Monday during Mixed Media Monday….



And that immediately snowballed into my “Sleeping with the Enemy” approach to preparing the house to list……

Home2 Home3


Thursday the photos were taken and all I could think while this lady was capturing the photos was that she had no idea how many times I watched the pitter patter of little feet run across those floors….



and how will these photos reflect the lives that these walls have surrounded, protected and held in the love.  Sometimes it held in hurt, tears, hugs, boo boos, kisses, and so much more.  The photographer in me wanted to adjust the chairs, fix the lighting, straighten the lampshade. The Mom in me wanted to stop time and just stand there in appreciation for all this house meant to us and the memory overload I was experiencing.  This space held my family…my loves.  I would be lying if I said I was not scared.  Change is never easy but from change comes great growth, new wings, new adventures.   I embrace it.

But this I know for sure.  Home is where your heart and family are.  We have thought long and hard, looked at floor plans, considered remodeling/add-ons, seen many houses and a home is what we found.  I look forward to filling this new home (which is LOCAL) with family, friends, laughs, smiles, happy hours with girlfriends in their reserved bar stools, and so much LOVE.  And you can bet I will have my camera in hand to capture those memories.  So when the next photographer comes I can be sure to have memory overload all over again.  Tears of knowing I was the glue that did my best to keep it all together.  I am excited to share new adventures in our new home.  The floor plan suits us all.

and for those asking about the Studio.  YES there is a Studio just for me and it will be NEW and IMPROVED!  I am already in the design phase.  That is top priority!   And in Tracy-style……..we are in the works to close right when all the action happens.  I cannot wait to share the new adventures as we move forward.  Change………embrace it and I need to remind myself it is one thing at a time.   So if I seem a little busy, crazy, pre-occupied, etc. please understand there is lots on my plate and I am doing my best.  Family, Home, Business, Wedding, and Studio will be a true balancing act as we close out 2014!

 Yes, life changes, but so can you.  If you’re being pulled in every direction by forces beyond your control, take time to breathe and realign yourself with what you value most in life.  Have the courage to make a necessary change when you must, the strength to see it through, and faith that everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to be.”